Friday, October 17, 2014

Electronic Recording Update

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Massachusetts Registers of Deeds Association in Worcester.  Since almost every registry in the Commonwealth now has an active electronic recording system, a representative of each registry that was present at the meeting spoke about the experience of implementing and operating e-recording, customer feedback, and some basic statistics.  The percentage of documents received via electronic recording varied from single digits in the Berkshires to nearly 40% in Middlesex County. 

Here are some detailed electronic recording statistics for this office:

In September, 1925 or 4768 documents were recorded electronically (40%).

Year to date, 14623 of 39511 documents were recorded electronically (37%).

Month by month percentages are as follows:

January - 35%
February - 33%
March - 34%
April 40%
May - 34%
June - 35%
July - 40%
August - 40%
September - 40%