Wednesday, May 06, 2015

SJC addresses bankruptcy and real estate liens

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in a decision released today clarified the effect of bankruptcy on an existing judicial lien on the debtor's real estate.  The Court held in Christakis v Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union, that unless the bankruptcy court expressly excludes such a lien, the lien survives the discharge in bankruptcy of the debtor.  The court reasoned that Federal bankruptcy law erases the personal liability of the debtor for the debt but it does not automatically erase the liability against the real property that was created when, as in this case, an Execution was recorded against the debtor's property.  So, while creditors cannot pursue any collection activities against a debtor who has been discharged in bankruptcy, the creditor can pursue the sale of the debtor's present or former real property that was encumbered pre-bankruptcy filing with a judicial lien such as an attachment or execution.

Congratulations to Lowell attorney Sandra Boulay who represented Jeanne D'Arc before the SJC.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

April recording statistics

Recording statistics for April show some positive trends when compared to April of 2014.  Here are the numbers for the entire registry district:

There were 532 deeds recorded in April 2015, a 7% increase over the 497 recorded in April 2014;

There were 993 mortgages recorded, a 48% increase over the 497 recorded last April;

There were 20 foreclosure deeds, a 43% increase over the 14 recorded last April;

There were 30 orders of notice, a 21% decrease from the 38 recorded last April;

There were 4946 documents recorded; a 17% increase from the 4227 recorded last April.