Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The website has been acting up again. Several people (including me) have experienced a "timing out" of the search capability. When I tried to do an Internet name search earlier today, a popup message appeared, declaring "your session has expired; please select another county." I tried a number of things to bypass this problem, but the only way I could was to close my browser entirely and start from the beginning. I notified ACS. This is an old problem, one that had been disposed of months ago. Apparently, the earlier solution had been to work around the problem. Unfortunately, when a new version of the website was installed this weekend, the "patch" became dislodged, and the problem reappeared. It's like in one of those 1980s horror movies when the bad guy, despite being stabbed, shot, drowned and electrocuted, keeps getting up and coming after the good guys. When we think we have this problem fixed (again) we'll let you know.

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