Monday, February 07, 2005


By now most people know the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl for the third time in four years…and most Americans watched it, myself included. But I would guess this morning there was more talk around America’s water coolers about the commercials than the game. Can’t you just hear it…”remember the one with the monkeys? And what about the frozen guy in the car…oh yeah, how about when the guy jumps out of a plane for a six pack of Bud”. A thirty second commercial during yesterday’s Super Bowl cost an incredible $2,400,000. Is it worth $2,400,000 to an advertiser for a “short” thirty seconds? The answer is simple…ask yourself…do you remember the one with the woman in front of the senate committee… or the one with the cat? (tell the truth)… And I’ll bet you can almost hear Deion Branch …“I’m going to Disney World”. Congrats Pats.

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