Thursday, April 29, 2010

Law Day

Since 1958, May 1 has been recognized as Law Day in the United States. Internationally, the day had long been known as "International Workers Day" and considered a celebration of organized labor. The Soviet Union, however, transformed "May Day" into an elaborate parade intended to show off Soviet weaponry and (by their thinking) military superiority. As a counterweight to that, President Eisenhower instituted Law Day, an opportunity to celebrate the rule of law and the democratic institutions in America that rest upon the rule of law.

On recent Law Days, the Lowell Juvenile Court and the Greater Lowell Bar Association have held a Law Day ceremony here at Superior Court. The event includes entertainment, speeches by dignitaries and an essay contest by high school students. This year, the ceremony will be held on Friday, April 30 beginning at 11:30 am at the Middlesex Superior Courthouse, 360 Gorham Street, Lowell. Everyone is invited to attend.

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