Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I Can't make Up My Mind, I Think

Ok, I just can’t make up my mind, well not always, sometimes I can make up my mind.I think...but, when it comes to buying a new smart phone... I can’t make up my mind.

Last June I made up my mind (see I told you I could, sometimes) that I was going to purchase the new iPhone 4G. And when the phone was released, I loved what I saw...but them I heard the bad news, if you hold the new iPhone a certain way it will drop the call. So I changed my "made up mind".

So then I started looking at Andriod smart phones, like the Droid. I loved what I saw so I decided to buy a Droid. They're sleek looking and are not locked into the AT&T network. Then I saw the price, $499 and I changed my "made up mind", again (Hey, the iPhone would only cost me about $299...two hundred less).

So then I started thinking, Apple will surely fix the “dropped call issue", maybe...So I made up my mind I was better off with the cheaper iPhone. I even made plans to buy it over the weekend.

Then...I read that when Apple CEO Steve Jobs was told his company's new iPhone 4G dropped calls if held a certain way his answer was...”well, then don’t hold it that way”... Bad answer.

So I changed my "made up mind" about buying the iPhone.

But... the Droid is so expensive.
But... now Apple is giving away free cases that solve iPhone's problem, maybe.
But... Google has developed new software for the Droid that will allow you to create your own Apps and maybe I can write Apps, maybe...
But maybe...iPhone has hundreds of thousands of Apps so maybe I can find the App I want anyway, maybe and need to write one, maybe.

Sometime, honest, sometimes I can make up my mind...I think.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, its James Haroutunian, Esq. I got the iPhone4 (my first iphone) and absolutely love it. My phone case/cover settles the antenna issue. This product is incredible and I ma now so much more active with social media, photo/video taking, etc.

Best of luck with your decision.