Friday, October 14, 2011

New HP 9050dn

As I write we are installing a new HP9050dn printer in our Customer Service Department. The new printer will replace an older HP 9000. The page count on the HP 9000 is close to 700,000 which truthfully, is not a huge amount for this work horse. But... last summer the HP 9000 began to give us some "minor problems".
The public uses this device to print images of documents. Since we no longer have record books in circulation this printer is essential to the operation of the registry. For this reason even "minor problems" with our Customer Service printer are unacceptable.
The HP9050dn looks and operates exactly like the HP9000. These printers are designed for high volume use so they lack the "typical bells and whistles" you might find on a more consumer friendly printer.
Since the HP 9000 still has some life in it our intentions are to keep it in operation but to move it to a less vital place in the registry.

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