Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Great Real Estate Apps

In the last few years technology has become a major tool of real estate agents, buyers and sellers. And of all the devices the cell phone has become the most frequently used portable connector to the Internet in the real estate area. When we talk cell phones and computer tablet5s we are talking about Apps. There are numerous real estate centered Apps available for both Andriod and iPhone operating systems. Inman News recently put together a list of the 100 most popular real estate Apps. I have selected five of these below:

Zillow Real Estate: Zillow is the number one downloaded real estate App for both iPhone and Android. Zillow has been around for a several years now. I remember writing about it several years ago on this blog when Zillow first was released for computer use. Its popularity comes through its easy of use and content. Zillow provides appraised value and data about most homes in the country.

LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search: LoopNet is specifically designed to help the real estate investor find "commercial" properties for sale. It searches commercial properties for sale, for lease, sales comps and even market trends.

Property Evaluator: This App does exactly what its name indicates, values property, and like LoopNet it values investment properties. Simply add the some specific criteria of the property and this App will analyze the property value as an investment and project income from it.

Redfin Real Estate: Redfin is "the best MLS powered real estate app", well that's what they say about it. It provides details and pictures of homes for sale. When Redfin first came on the market it was viewed as a Zillow competitor and for a time I even think its popularity was bigger than Zillow.

Mortgage Calculator: This simple to use app allows the user to enter the amount, term and interest rate of a mortgage then in seconds calculates the monthly cost.

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