Thursday, July 19, 2012

Refresh Continues

Our computer "refresh" project is moving along. Yesterday was a very productive day here even though the registry lost power twice for briefs times. The onsite IT tech along with the registry's MIS Director solved many "nagging little" problems create by the installation. We completely expected small issues like these during a computer replacement project of this size.

Here is a quick project status update:

All of the Public Access terminals are up and working fine.

We are expecting new printers to be delivered later today, but for now all the older ones used by the public and employees are connected.

Email functions have been set up.

The resolution on both public and employee computer monitors have been adjusted to optimize the ACS program.

The "test" recording terminal is now working. It is a "super station" which means it is attached to a scanner.

Still remaining to set up are the scanners and "stand alone" Recording Terminals.

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