Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Electronic recording and snow storms

Ten days ago we had an intense overnight snowfall. During the overnight from Thursday, March 7 into the morning of Friday, March 8, approximately 8 inches of snow fell in Lowell. School was cancelled but the registry was open for business. Here's an observation I made that day:
As I write this at 1130am, the snow continues to fall without any hint of letup. Of the 88 documents we've recorded thus far today, 55 have come to us electronically, demonstrating another advantage of that new technology - bad weather doesn't keep you from getting on record (as long as the registry is open).
This morning we awoke to more snow and it has continued more or less through the day. Of the 233 documents that had been recorded a short time ago, 121 came to us electronically. That's 52% which is well above the 40% average we've been seeing during the early months of 2013. Whether this increased percentage of e-recordings is a consequence of more people using the technology in bad weather or just a number of customers putting off walk-in recordings until better weather returns is hard to say. Hopefully we'll have to wait until December for additional samples because with spring arriving at 7:02 A.M. tomorrow, we want this to be the last of the snow we see this season.

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