Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Electronic recording statistics

Here are some electronic recording statistics for July and through the end of July:

In July, 40% of the documents we recorded came to us electronically (2529 of 6392).  Of those, 825 were discharges, 205 were deeds, 692 were mortgages and 807 were other types.

Our seven-month average for 2013 shows that 39% of recorded documents come to us electronically (2349 of 6011). Of those (on average for the month) 885 are discharges, 163 are deeds, 668 are mortgages and 651 are other types.

One thing to point out is how much higher the number of deeds recorded electronically in July (205) was than the monthly average for the first seven months of 2013 (163).  This could reflect a wider use of electronic recording in doing full real estate closings.

As for our total volume of documents, using the total number recorded through July to project 2013 totals would give us 72,127 for the year which would be up slightly from the 70,558 recorded in 2012 and quite a bit more than the 59,173 recorded in 2011.

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