Monday, March 31, 2014

Possible parking crunch starts tomorrow

The Gallagher Terminal on Thorndike Street, just across the South Common from the Superior Courthouse and the Registry of Deeds, begins a major construction project tomorrow with the demolition of its primary parking garage.  Once razed, a new structure will be built in its place.  While the project is underway, however, parking for commuters will be at a premium.  The Rourke Parking Garage, which is adjacent to the Terminal and has its entrance on Chelmsford Street at the intersection with Westford, will still be open.  Monthly pass holders and daily parkers will be allowed in there on a first come, first served basis.  Unfortunately, that garage does not have the capacity to handle all of the cars displaced from the older garage.  As a consequence of this, we suspect that many commuters will choose to park their vehicles on neighborhood streets like Highland and South and will walk across the South Common to the train station.  Hopefully the impact on parking for this building will be minimal.   

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