Friday, April 10, 2015

Electronic Recording Volume

The month of March continued our streak of electronic recording volume in excess of 40% of all recordings.  Electronically recorded documents accounted for 44% of all recordings in January, 47% in February, and 42% in March.  Of the 4796 documents recorded in March, 2007 were recorded electronically.  That works out to a daily average of 91 electronic documents to 127 walk-ins or mail-ins.

For the 1st quarter of 2015, we recorded a total of 11,610 documents by all methods; 5108 of them were recorded electronically which is 44%.  Discharges accounted for 1177 of the electronic documents; deeds 462, mortgages 1484, and all other types 1985. 

From all sources we recorded 1215 deeds during that time period .  The 462 that were recorded electronically represent 38% of the total.  Mortgages were much more likely to be recorded electronically: 1484 of 2334 (64%) mortgages recorded came to us electronically. 

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