Wednesday, July 01, 2015

June recording statistics

There were some positive signs for the housing market in our June recording statistics.  When compared to the recording numbers from June 2014:

Deed were up 20% (640 in June 2014 to 769 in June 2015);

Mortgages were up 35% (910 in June 2014 to 1212 in June 2015);

Foreclosure deeds were up 220% (5 to 16);

Orders of notice were up 54% (29 to 31);

Total documents were up 32% (5095 in June 2014 to 6708 in June 2015).

While the increases in foreclosure deeds and orders of notice would be troubling if just the percentage increases were considered, the overall number is still low so it is less troublesome.  At some point I'll take a closer look in a future blog post at these June 2015 foreclosures and determine when the mortgages being foreclosed originated.

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