Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recording a Purchase and Sales Agreement

Yesterday a person tried to record a Purchase and Sale Agreement for property in this registry district. We had to turn them away for two reasons. First, Massachusetts General Laws chapter 184, section 17Astates that "No purchase and sale agreement shall be recorded in any registry of deeds unless such agreement is acknowledged by the parties agreeing to sell such real estate or one of them" and neither of the seller signatures on this P&S were acknowledged. Second, the P&S just identified the land by street address.  I don't think that "360 Gorham Street, Lowell" describes the property with the level of specificity required in a contract for the sale of land. At a minimum, I think a book and page reference to the deed that established ownership in the seller would be required, although the full legal description, or at least a copy of the deed as an exhibit, would probably be better.

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