Monday, March 21, 2016

More on Registry Standardization

In my preceding post, I discussed the process of selecting the ACS computer system and how that was intended to become the standard system in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Here is a list of registries in Massachusetts (in alphabetical order) along with the computer system they are currently operating. Whether the registry is "state" or "county" is also indicated:

  1. Barnstable - Browntech - county
  2. Berkshire Middle - ACS - state
  3. Berkshire North - ACS - state
  4. Berkshire South - ACS - state
  5. Bristol Fall River - ACS - county
  6. Bristol North - ACS - county
  7. Bristol South - ACS - county
  8. Dukes - ACS - county
  9. Essex North - Browntech - state
  10. Essex South - in-house system - state
  11. Franklin - ACS - state
  12. Hampden - Browntech - state
  13. Hampshire - ACS - state
  14. Middlesex North - ACS - state
  15. Middlesex South - ACS - state
  16. Nantucket - ACS - county
  17. Norfolk - Browntech - county
  18. Plymouth - ACS - county
  19. Suffolk - ACS - state
  20. Worcester - ACS - state
  21. Worcester North - Browntech - state
State v county, 13 registries are state; 7 are county

ACS v Browntech, 15 use ACS, 5 use Browntech, and 1 uses an in-house system

Of the 13 state registries, 9 use ACS; 3 use Browntech, and 1 uses an in-house system.

Of the 7 county registries, 5 use ACS and 2 use Browntech.


John Keith said...

Interesting that, even though the search for a new computer system was apparently nationwide, both Browntech and ACS are local / Massachusetts companies?

Is that true - and is that just an odd coincidence?

Dick said...

ACS was based in Dallas, Texas when it was selected as the registry computer vendor back in 2002. The other finalists at that time as I recall included Hart Datasystems, also of Texas; and Eagle Computing, which was based in Colorado. I think there was at least one other, but I don't recall its name although I know it was not a Massachusetts-based company. I don't believe Browntech was a finalist in that selection process.

I was part of the selection team. As part of the process, we traveled to registries of deeds in Chicago, Philadelphia, Wilmington (Delaware), and Charlotte (North Carolina). Based on submissions by the finalists, a two-day vendor demonstration day here in Massachusetts, and the site visits we took, we selected ACS as the "target replacement system."

But an element of that decision was that if existing computer systems in other registries still worked satisfactorily, those registries could retain those systems until they needed replacement. At the time ACS was selected, Browntech had existing installations in the registries in Barnstable, Fitchburg, and Springfield. Because the Browntech system was functioning well, it was retained in those offices and continues in use today. The Browntech system was subsequently installed in Norfolk (which was a Norfolk County decision) and in Lawrence (which was a Secretary of State decision).

John Keith said...

Thank you. Very interesting! I wish it was all one system. Lol.