Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Lowell Real Estate Report: August 2017

Each month I prepare and distribute by email the Lowell Real Estate Report. This document shows all property sales in Lowell during the previous month. Along with the address, date and sales price is included the mortgage amount, if any, the year of the previous sale of the property and the price paid in that previous sale. The report is organized by neighborhood.

The report also includes foreclosure activity, also organized by neighborhood. By foreclosure activity, I mean any foreclosure deeds or orders of notice recorded for that month. For each foreclosure, the report shows the date and amount paid for the foreclosure deed, the year of the mortgage being foreclosed, and the original principal amount of that mortgage.

Here are the number of property sales and foreclosures in Lowell during August, sorted by neighborhood:

Acre - 10 sales, 1 foreclosure
Belvidere - 29 sales, 1 foreclosure
Centralville - 19 sales, 1 foreclosure
Downtown - 6 sales, 1 foreclosure
Highlands - 33 sales, 6 foreclosures
Pawtucketville - 27 sales, 3 foreclosures
South Lowell - 24 sales, 1 foreclosure

Anyone can receive this report (which is free). Just send an email to and you'll be added to the distribution list.

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