Thursday, October 26, 2017

Future Technology at the Registry of Deeds

I recently came across a list I made in 2014 titled "Future Capabilities of Registry of Deeds." Here is what it said:

Make all search functions compatible with tablets and smart phones;

Document images and corresponding plans should be linked together for ease of usage;

Use OCR technology to do full text search of recorded documents which would allow retrieval of relevant documents even though name or address was not contained in index;

Greater data analysis and reporting capabilities built into computer system including ability to create Google Map-type mashups of data and maps;

Ability to take payment from walk-in customers by credit or debit card;

Link together electronic holdings of registries of deeds, local assessors, Mass GIS and other agencies to provide citizens with one stop shopping for land-related information.

This still looks like a good list. We are making progress towards several of the items as we enter the early stages of our search for the next generation registry of deeds computer system.

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