Monday, August 31, 2009

"Operations Management"

The Sunday Globe had an interesting story about increasing efficiencies at hospitals through better use of "operations management." I mention this here because many of the concepts are applicable to the operation of a registry of deeds. Here's a sample:

In the fast-food industry, maintaining an even flow is what keeps dozens of chicken fingers from stacking up while frustrated customers wait for cheeseburgers; at Toyota, it turns automobile production into a tightly choreographed dance that minimizes wasted time and materials. Thanks to strong central management and years of practice, companies have become expert at ensuring that steel arrives exactly when it needs to be rolled into car hoods, or a container of dishwashers from China shows up almost exactly when stores need to restock them for customers. Good flow keeps costs down and customers happy.

Maybe improving operations management and "flow" in the registry would reduce waiting time and the recording counter and increase our overall efficiency.

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