Monday, August 31, 2009

School opens tomorrow in Lowell

The public schools in Lowell officially open tomorrow, so commute times to the registry will be lengthened, especially in the morning and mid-afternoon as school bus drivers learn their routes and parents used to the slower pace of summer rush around, dropping off and picking up their children.

Traffic congestion in the immediate vicinity of the registry as well as competition for curbside parking should be considerably diminished this year with the closing of the nearby Rogers Middle School. Because of declining middle school enrollment and the budget crisis, the Lowell School Committee chose to re-assign the students and staff of the Rogers to other middle schools in the city and then move the school department central offices into the vacated school. The administrators, however, will be arriving gradually and are not yet there now, so there’s very little competition for curbside parking spaces, for the time being.

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