Monday, February 01, 2010

Computer Storage Room

One thing is for sure about computers...they get old fast. We are well aware of this, so we have updated a predetermined percentage of our cashiering stations, public stations and administrative computers every year. Our systematic upgrade plan has two benefits. First, it prevents us from running old inefficient computers and second, it distributes the replacement cost over a number of years...and smart spending is paramount in these budgetary times.
Of course, as we activate new computers the question becomes “what to do with the old ones?”. Currently, the retired computers are being stored in an old “dungeon style room” in the basement of the courthouse. The room is not very conducive for computer storage. It is has water pipes and heating pipes running through it...but it is all we have, or should I say had.
In the beginning of November we finished scanning close to four million images in a project that last about one year. Registry employees worked on this project in the two rooms once used as a "lower record hall". The completion of the re-scan project opens up one of these rooms for another use.
We have decided to convert this space into a multifunctional computer room. We are excited about the prospect of finally storing our computer equipment correctly. But the room lacks one major thing...proper security. Later today I have an appointment with a construction company to get an estimate on building a partition wall that will secure the new computer area.

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