Monday, November 15, 2010

"My" Suggested NFL Rule Changes

What a great win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last night for the New England Patriots.
But you know me and my wandering mind...while watching the game I kept thinking of changes that would improve professional I came up with five rule changes I think should be instituted immediately by the National Football League.

Rule Change One: The NFL should require each player to have an official "nickname". That nickname must be displayed on the back of their jersey rather than the players last name. Take Randy Moss, he could be "Problem Child".

Rule Change Two: In the NFL a play ends when the player with the ball is knocked "down", hence we call it a "down'. So I think, when the player with the ball is NOT knocked down and makes it to the end zone it should be called an "up" as a opposed to a "touchdown".

Rule Change Three: The whimsical toss of a coin to decide which team will receive the ball at the beginning of the game, should be replaced by a football trivia question.
NFL Official: Mr Brady, what is the name of the first team to win back to back Super Bowls?
Tom Brady: Green Bay
NFL Official: Correct, would you like to receive or punt the ball?

Rule Change Four: The NFL needs to change its scoring system.
Here are my recommendations...
Touchdown: 8 points
Point(s) After TD: Its stupid...eliminate it.
Field Goal: 4 points but, a team can only attempt a Field Goal if the line of scrimmage is the 30 yard line or further.
Safety: 8 points...Why? we should call these touchdowns not safeties. If a player tackles an opponent in his end zone, it should be considered a touchdown for his (the defensive) team.

Rule Change Five: Lets go back to the old days. If a night game is played on the West Coast it starts at prime time on the West Coast or around 1o:30 PM our time. If a night game is played on the East Cost it starts at prime time on the East Coast or around 7:30 PM our time. Who cares about the national audience!

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Publius said...

My rule change would be that the game must be played with allotted time per TV schedule. This will ensure that TIVO will capture the entire 60 minutes of 60 Minutes.