Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Robonauts in Space

Yesterday, I read that NASA is planning a mission to the moon, again...only this time it will be captained by a machine or more politely, a robot....they're calling these futuristic star-ship commanders, Robonauts.

Wow, space travel has changed so much since I was a kid...and I'm sure it will change even more as NASA continues to replace human Astronauts with machine Robonauts. It makes me wonder though, just "how" will it change...

I wonder will Hollywood make a movie starring Ed Harris and Sam Shepard called The Right Parts?

And I wonder if someday a Robonuat will land on Jupiter and say "this is one small step for a machine and one giant leap for Machinery."?

Yeah, I wonder...

I wonder, if the government will change the name of Cape Canaveral to Cape Torque?

I wonder, will NASA have a Yard Sale to get rid of all those big puff suits and round helmets?

I wonder, will Robonauts travel into space in "sockets" instead of "rockets"?

Yeah, I wonder...

I wonder, will the International Space Station be replaced by the International Jiffy Lube?

I wonder, will C-3PO someday become a US Senator and run for President of the United States.

I wonder, I really do.

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