Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Techie Gifts

Its late you know...Are you still confused about what to buy for that special someone in your life, like I am? Well, here are five interesting techie gift suggestions...

How about a Bluetooth connected Rearview? This unique car mirror doubles as a caller ID, displaying the numbers of those calling you as they come in.

Or how about a Key Finder with Transmitter and Receiver. Can't find your keys? Just press the transmitter and the Keys(Receiver) give off a loud beeping sound.

Or how about an email notifier. Plug this gadget into a USB on your computer and whenever you get an email it flashes in three different colors.

Or how about a device that is a cellphone, watch, video camera and music play all in one. Yes, you wear it around your wrist and yes, it looks just like a watch...but wow, can it do more.

Or how about a cordless handheld portable scanner. Just swipe this device over a business card or newspaper snippet and you've got a digital copy. And its as small as a pen so it fits right in you shirt pocket.

Now with all this around...I can't figure out why I have to still run out shopping this wekkend.

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