Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yahoo May Be Gone!

Do you remember the once mighty Yahoo?
Of course you do, everyone does.

OK, how about this one...Do you remember the once mighty search engine Alta Vista?
That’s probably a maybe, depending on your age.

Well, both Alta Vista and Yahoo may be on the way to extinction.
A long, long time ago Alta Vista was THE search engine to use. I loved it. Two years after its launch the company earned an amazing $50 million a year(big bucks for 1997). Alta Vista became so popular Yahoo bought it.
But Alta Vista was destined to fall and fall it did.
The first nail in Alta Vista’s coffin came just a year later (1998) with the advent of google. Google grew so fast that within a few years it buried the once mighty Alta Vista...

Yahoo hung on to the aligning company for its primary search engine.
But now, Yahoo itself is in trouble...

Wow, I remember when Yahoo was was THE Internet portal to use. Truthfully, we should be telling someone to “yahoo that” rather than “google that”. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Now Yahoo is “yesterday” and google is cool.

In 2000 Yahoo’s value peaked with sharing selling for $118 each. However currently Yahoo trades for around $15 a share.

In 2008 Microsoft made a generous offer to purchase Yahoo for (are you ready) $44.6 billion.
Yahoo foolishly turned Microsoft’s offer down. What were they thinking?

So here is the latest about the crumbling company...

Last week Yahoo laid off 4% of its entire workforce and now the company is closing three of its major divisions, including the once mighty Alta Vista search engine. The other two are delicious and Traffic API.

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