Thursday, August 11, 2011

Electronic Recording Update

Electronic recording has long been a routine part of our daily operations and it continues to be so. Periodically it's useful to view our e-recording stats to assess the level of penetration of this method of document recording.

For 2011 from January through July, we have recorded 7459 documents electronically which accounts for 23% of our total recordings. The most common type of document recorded this way is discharges (3197) followed by mortgages (1816) and then deeds (448). The category of "all others" had 1981.

The volume has been steady from month-to-month as is indicated by the following monthly percentages of efiled documents:

January - 23%
February - 24%
March - 24%
April - 21%
May - 22%
June - 22%
July - 25%

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