Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene aftermath

The registry survived the storm intact. In anticipation of a loss of electrical power, on Saturday night we shut down all of our servers here in Lowell, including the one that runs This morning they all started back up without incident so there was no interruption of recording.

Besides these computer issues, we did have a very slight amount of water come into the basement, but it was far less than we've seen before and because of our prior experience, we have everything elevated sufficiently to prevent any damage. The only other storm-related problem was the displacement of a portion of the metal awning that overhangs the front entrance of the building (shown above).

Ironically, that awning was constructed many years ago when a chunk of the facade fell onto the stairs narrowly missing some people who were standing there. Rather than fix the facade, the Commonwealth constructed this overhang. Since then, between sheets of metal breaking loose in high winds, and chunks of ice sliding off as soon as the sun emerges after a snowstorm, the awning has created a greater hazard than the facade. For that reason, it would not have been a great loss to have the whole thing torn off by the storm. But most of it stayed in place and with unusual efficiency, the state already has a contractor here giving an estimate for the repairs.

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