Monday, November 19, 2012

Electronic recording statistics

Electronic recording continues to increase in volume.  It leaves the impression that our activity level is down but it's actually up considerably from last year.  At the end of October 2012, we had recorded 57,829 documents, a 22% increase from the 47,481 recorded through the end of October 2011.  Of the 57,829 documents recorded so far this year, 19,498 - 34% - came to us electronically.  The month of October 2012 may have seen the highest monthly percentage of electronically recorded documents yet: 2707 of 6585 (38%) were electronically recorded.  Here are the month to month percentages of electronically recorded to all recorded documents for 2012:

January 30%
February 33%
March 29%
April 35%
May 35%
June 35%
July 35%
August 36%
September 33%
October 38%

For 2012, the largest number of electronically recorded documents we received in a single day occurred on June 29, 2012 when 373 of 793 came in electronically.  The highest percentage for a single day occurred just a few days earlier, June 21, 2012, when 373 of 793 documents came to us electronically.

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