Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Document recording methods

I've written frequently about the volume of electronic recording we're processing this year. Thus far in 2013, documents sent to us electronically have averaged 40% of all recordings. But what percentage of documents come to us through the US Mail and by courier services such as Fedex and UPS? Our standard procedure is to annotate any document that comes to us in the mail with a small letter "M" written in the upper right corner. Electronically recorded documents have a very distinctive cover sheet. By counting all of the M's and all of the efile coversheets, we can determine how many documents were recorded by each of those methods. All the rest were recorded by walk-in customers. To get a sense of the breakdown between the three methods of recording, I reviewed all documents recorded from Monday, May 6 though Friday, May 10. During that five day period, we recorded a total of 1119 documents. Of those 462 (41%) were recorded electronically; 409 (37%) were recorded by walk-in customers; and 248 (22%) came through the mail.

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