Thursday, May 02, 2013

Electronic Filing in April

Documents filed electronically had been accounting for 40% of all recordings in each month since the start of 2013. That metric slid very slightly in April, dropping to 39% of our overall document intake. For the month, we recorded a total of 6025 documents of which 2368 came to us electronically. That averages 287 documents per day, 113 of which were electronically filed. The breakdown of electronically recorded documents for the month was as follows: There were 895 discharges recorded accounting for 38% of all electronic recordings. There were 149 deeds accounting for 6% of all recordings. There were 707 mortgages recorded, accounting for 30% of all electronic recordings. There were 617 documents of miscellaneous types, accounting for 26% of electronically recorded documents.

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