Friday, September 06, 2013

Electronic recording stats for August

Electronic recording continues to be a growing part of registry operations, accounting for 37% of all documents recorded in August (of 5785 documents recorded, 2136 were recorded electronically).  This is a daily average of 263 documents with 97 of them being recorded electronically.  For the year-to-date (January through August), we have recorded a total of 47,859 documents of which 18,581 were recorded electronically (39%).

For deeds, 4640 have been recorded thus far in 2013 of which 1334 or 29% were recorded electronically.  For mortgages, 9987 have been recorded thus far of which 5225 or 52% were recorded electronically.

As for which days have the highest volume of business, Fridays remain our busiest day in terms of total documents recorded.  On Friday, August 30 we recorded 357 documents; on Friday, August 23 we recorded 355 documents; and on Friday, August 2 we recorded 320 documents.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are the busiest days for electronic recording.  Our three top electronic recording days in August were Thursday, August 15 with 120 efiles; Wednesday, August 14 with 115 efiles; and Thursday, August 22 with 115 efiles.  Percentage-wise, the top efile days were Wednesday, August 14 with 48% of our documents being recorded; Thursday, August 8 also with 48%; and Wednesday, August 21 with 46%.     

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