Thursday, September 12, 2013


The registry of deeds collects a variety of recording fees, surcharges and taxes and passes them all along to the general fund of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We've always closely tracked our revenue for accounting purposes but only recently started scrutinizing these numbers as statistical indicators of the direction of the local real estate market. 

For the eight month period from January through August, our total revenue for 2013 is up 10% from 2012 ($8,505,624 vs $9,342,591).

For the same time, recording fees (which are included in the "total" above) were up 4% ($3,416,781 vs $3,538,245).

For the same time, tax stamps, which are calculated on the sales price of property, are up 17% ($3,723,022 vs $4,364,727)

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