Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Electronic recording in 2013

Electronic recording continues to be a big part of our operations although the percentage of documents recorded electronically dipped a bit towards the end of the year.  I believe this had more to do with a drastic slowdown in the refinancing market than it did with the viability of e-recording.  When I last checked, I found that 55% of all mortgages were recorded electronically so when the volume of that document type decreases, so does the overall rate of electronic recording.

Of the 66,690 documents recorded at the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds in 2013, 25,251 (38%) were recorded electronically.  Here's the month-by-month breakdown of e-filing as a percentage of our overall recordings:

January - 41%
February - 40%
March - 40%
April - 39%
May -  39%
June - 35%
July - 40%
August - 37%
Sept - 38%
Oct - 35%
Nov - 34%
Dec - 34%

Breaking this down by monthly averages, we find that of the 5,558 documents recorded during a typical month, 2,104 were recorded electronically.  Of those efiles, 734 were discharges, 164 were deeds; 586 were mortgages; and 625 were in the other category.

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