Monday, January 06, 2014

Interuption of Service

It doesn't happen very often but occasionally the registry of deeds is forced to close early or to refrain from opening.  Such was the case last Thursday and Friday when a major winter storm hit the region. 

The best source of information remains the Trial Court website ( which is updated in a timely manner with news of court closings around the state.  This usually works for us because even though we are not part of the Trial Court, we are a tenant in one of their buildings so if they don't open the building, we can't open for business. 

Because it is possible (though unlikely) that the Court would remain open but the registry close, we should have a secondary means of notification.  The website is an obvious method, however, we can only change the content on the site from here at the registry.  If the weather prevents us from getting here in a timely manner, it also prevents us from changing the website.  That's where this blog comes in.  I can update this blog from anywhere that has an internet connection including my phone.  The blog, therefore, seems like the best choice for the latest information on registry operations.  Today I updated the main page of with the following notice:

For latest registry news including storm closings see LowellDeeds blog
So in the future, if you have questions about whether the registry of deeds will open and when, be sure to visit the LowellDeeds blog

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