Monday, January 10, 2005

Look, That Computer Has A Dry-Cycle

As I have mentioned before I am a gadget lover. The Consumer Electronics show took place in Las Vegas this week. This is the biggest “gadget show” in the US. Many of the items displayed this year were digital hybrids. Today's Tech world is bringing the interconnection of digital devices limited only by the imagination. A company called Aigo offers watches that store music, photos and computer files. Coming in April Taiwan’s BenQ will debut a mobile phone disguised as a digital camera (“Hey, why do you have that camera pointing in your ear?” ). Of all these new gadgets, the one I love the most is BenQ’s latest computer monitor. It has five adjustable arms that can be arranged around the screen. One offers a mirror, another a light, one a Webcam, another a microphone and I think the fifth is a can opener. After I finished reading Reuters’ article on the electronic show I started thinking… maybe next year the registry of deeds could participate. How about a Grantor Index book that is also a cellphone? It might be a little heavy but look how convenient it would be for calling the office. And what about a public access computer terminal that is also a High Definition DVR. You could watch your favorite soaps while running down a name? And what about a watch that stores ALL Middlesex North’s images and indexes? If it did that I'll bet people wouldn't even care if it told time. How about a Recording Terminal that is also an audio player that holds 1,000 songs in MP3 compression format and…also allows the user to listen to 20 preset FM radio stations. Wow…wouldn’t that be useful? Since the registry doesn’t have any of these gadgets yet and the conference is next January…I better get to work. Anyone seen my hammer?

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Anonymous said...

Tony!...whatever you do, PLEASE don't quit your day job to live out that lifelong dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. :)