Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Presidential Trivia

How about some Presidential Trivia on the day before George Bush takes the oath of office for his second term? OK…Let’s go… I have rated the questions on a difficulty level from 1-5 with 5 being the most difficult. For the answers click the "comment section" below.
1.Difficulty Level 4: Besides George and George Bush what are the names of the other father son presidents?
2.Difficulty Level 5: What was the name of the New Hampshire poet that recites one of his poems during the JFK inauguration?
3.Difficulty Level 3: Who was the oldest person ever elected president?
4.Difficulty Level 4: Who was the only president not elected by the people?
5.Difficulty Level 5: Who was the first president to give a radio speech?
6.Difficulty Level 10 (that’s tough on a scale of 1-5): Which president’s favorite vegetable was peas??? Hint he grew his own in Virginia?
7.Difficulty Level 4: Let’s keep this Registry related. This president was a Land Surveyor by trade.
8.Difficulty Level 4: Who was the first president to move into the white house?
9.Difficulty Level 8 (it’s a tuffy): Who was the first president that was born a US citizen?
10.Difficulty Level 5: Which President served only one month in office?
11.Difficulty Level 3: Which president is pictured on the $50.00 bill?
12.Difficulty Level 3: Who served as both the 22nd and 24th president?
13.Difficulty Level 5: Who was the only bachelor president?
14.Difficulty Level 3: Who was the first modern president that did not wear a hat during his inauguration?
15.Difficulty Level 3: Which state is considered the mother of presidents with eight presidents born there?


Tony Accardi said...

1. John & Quincy Adams
2. Robert Frost
3. Ronald Regan
4. Gerald Ford
5. Calvin Coolidge
6. Thomas Jefferson
7. George Washington
8. John Adams
9. Martin Van Buren
10. William Henry Harrison
11. U.S. Grant
12. Grover Cleveland
13. James Buchanan
14. JFK
15. Virginia

Anonymous said...

#7. Abraham Lincoln also worked for a while as a Land Surveyor.