Friday, July 01, 2005

June Wrap Up

First, some history: June 30 has always been the busiest day of the year at this registry and yesterday was no exception (which is why we didn’t have time to write a blog entry). Often when we cite statistics, we only refer to recorded land documents, primarily because their numbers are the easiest for us to analyze and count, but our total recordings also include registered land documents and documents recorded at the Middlesex South satellite office. So you can get a sense of the proportions involved, yesterday we recorded 716 recorded land documents, 38 registered land documents and 456 Middlesex South documents. As busy as it seemed yesterday, it was actually our slowest June 30 since 1998. Here are some recording totals for other June 30ths: 2005 – 716; 2004 – 756; 2003 – 922; 2002 – 856; 2001 – 826; 2000 – 882; 1999 – 720; and 1998 – 661. This June was a busy month in other ways. We started receiving electronic recordings on a regular basis; the microfilm of documents in books 1 through 1128 are now being scanned off site and will be added to our computer system in website by the end of the summer; almost all registered land have now been scanned; and our marginal reference project – we’re entering into the computer all marginal references made in all (pre-computer) record books – is now back to book 1291. New projects on the horizon include linking our computer system to the Mass GIS mapping site; scanning all registered land certificates, and reformatting this blog so that it includes a subject index that will allow readers to easily and quickly find all entries about a particular topic. That’s it for now. Have an enjoyable Fourth of July.

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