Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The world of Podcast is growing daily. It is difficult to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing some reference to this new entry in the information world. I recently “googled” the phrase “real estate podcast” just to see what would happen. The results were interesting to say the least. Below are a couple of samples of google hits:

Access Realty World: this is a podcast that features news from the real estate world as well as insider hints and tips. It shares information on how to buy and sell and make profits on Foreclosures

Realize the Realty: this podcast, (well it’s actually a BlogPod), is directed toward homeowners, builders and investors. The show’s blurb brags “Know more about the real estate industry using well-researched information through this blog and podcast.

Rich Buckley Show: (do you think this guy is really named…”rich”???... a real estate podcaster named “rich”… sounds very convenient). Anyway…”Rich” talks about hot trends in California real estate. The program also includes interviews with successful real estate entrepreneurs and discussions on hot button issues.

Podcasts and their topics have expanded greatly in the last six months. You can find podcasts on Politics, Arts, Science, Business, Teen Issues, Computers and just about any other imaginable topic. In fact we have discussed the possiblilty of a "registry of deeds" stay tuned.

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