Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Phone...Yea or Nay?

Rumors are everywhere, absolutely everywhere…supposedly Google is going to begin selling its own cell phone, no they are not going to call it the iGoogle. And the new phone will run on Google’s own Android software. I like the idea, but then I am a Google fan, but some experts think Google should stay out of the cell phone hardware business. Recently, Tech Inciter published five reasons why Google should NOT go into the cell phone selling business. I don't agree, so I have listed them with my responses below:

Reason Number One: Google’s business model does not require it.
My Response: What the heck does “require it” mean? How can anyone try to limit the business model of a company that has set a goal of scanning every book in the world…that’s not "required" either?

Reason Number Two: It would alienate handset makers.
My Response: Ohhhh, scary. We wouldn't want to get the handset makers mad, would we? I ask…Why would Google care about alienating handset makers. Yes Google wants manufacturers to use their Android software, but truth be known these manufacturers have no choice. They need Google more than Google needs them. They either play ball with Google so they have access to Android or the iPhone and Blackberry will contin ue to bury them.

Reason Number Three: It sets a bad precedent.
My response: I say…One person’s bad precedent is another person’s golden opportunity…and now might just be the right time for Google to strike at iPhone. The past two iPhone models really haven’t brought anything new or exciting to the market. People like me that bought the iPhone because they like the product, not because of Apple loyalty would switch and buy a different phone if it offered more.

Reason Number Four: Hardware is a very tough game.
My Response: Are you kidding…Google has the toughness and resources to take on $100 billion Microsoft in the browser and document creation business. What could be tougher than that?

Reason Number Five: Google can already get the hardware it wants (to develop Android).
My response: But this is war…a war for Internet/communication superiority and the enemies are Microsoft and Apple. In the past Google has demonstrated a propensity to go for the jugular.

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