Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

Its Cyber Monday...
This morning I woke around 5:00AM (about my usual time) and meandered down stairs to my computer.
The fireplace(gas) burned brightly against the darkness of the outside night. I was toasty warm.

Its Cyber Monday...
Unlike Black Friday I didn’t wait in line in the cold, rather I sat comfortably in my living room, feet up, coffee in hand.
At 5:00 AM the online retailers were already open, no standing around waiting to rush into a store.
I simply pressed the power button and began to boot my computer, within seconds Windows Vista opened.
I began to shop...aided by my fingers and my broadband connection.

Its Cyber Monday...
Today 96 million other people will do exactly what I am doing...using the Internet to find bargains and buy.
Today online shoppers will spend close to $600 million...with the only pushing and shoving taking place on a computer mouse.

Its Cyber Monday...
And me, I am going to finish most of my Christmas shopping online tonight...while watching the Pats/Saints game in HD, not fighting for a parking space.

How can you beat that?

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