Monday, June 14, 2010

Elevator Construction Begins Tonight

The long-awaited start of construction of an elevator here at the Middlesex Superior Courthouse in Lowell will begin this evening. The elevator will be constructed within a brick tower that will be added to the exterior of the building, right where the side door is located (adjacent to the employee parking area off of Elm Street). Once completed, the elevator will be available only for this within mobility limitations due to security issues. Those able to use it will enter the elevator at ground level and it will have stops on the first and second floors. Because this building is actually two separate buildings, there is a three foot difference in elevation between the two first floors. To solve this problem, a long ramp will be built from the higher first floor in the rear of the building to the lower first floor in the front. Unfortunately, the only route available for such a ramp goes through existing registry space, so we'll see some minor reconfigurations of our layout. All construction work is scheduled to be accomplished between 6 pm and 4 am to avoid interfering with courthouse functions.

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