Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Registered Land Doc Storage

We entered the final stage of the re-organization of the Registered Land Documents stored in the basement. Our vendor, Advanced Computer Systems transferred over 250,00 documents from cardboard boxes to plastic storage bins and placed then on twelve rolling storage racks.

Here is a brief description of the bins:

Material: a medium weight plastic with an inter-locking hinged top
Size: Top 15 X 213/4, it tapers down to 121/2X 181/2 at the bottom
Capacity: Fours rows of Registered Land Documents, folder in three, fit across the long end of the box. The bins hold between 1,000-1,200 "older Registered Land Doc's" and since the new Doc's have more pages, about 650-800 of these."

ACS labeled bin with a simple Post It Note during the transfer. Yesterday we began the process of affixing permanent labels to the bins. We also decided to begin the painstaking task of inventorying our Registered Land Documents.
The completed bins are pictured below with square red tags.

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