Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Registry Notes

Five Registry Updates...

Starting next week we are going to rotate the use of our Recording Stations and daily Scanners. The objective is to test these essential pieces of equipment on a weekly basis.

We have an older Xerox 8830 Plan Scanner in the basement. This morning we began working on establishing a connection between it and a "stand alone" PC.

Construction crews are working everyday on the new elevator construction for the Superior Courthouse. They have already reached the second floor with the cinder block framing.

Our e-Recording volume has increased dramatically in the last three months. We believe now that people can record at both the Middlesex North & South Registries of Deeds this service is becoming more popular.

Next week we plan on starting a second employee on our new GEO Map Tagging Project. I am finding program training takes only a few hours and a little follow up each day. This is a great project that the public will find very useful.

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