Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Rise and Fall of Internet Explorer

I think this is really big news...
For the first time ever, Microsoft's Web Browser Internet Explore has dropped to less than 50% market share (49.87%).
How the mighty have fallen...At one time 90% of users surfed the Internet with Explorer. It was the 500 pound gorilla in the browsing room.
Can you believe, in five short years IE lost 40% of its customer base.
So where did these Internet Explorer defectors go?
Mozilla's Firefox has increased to 31.5% market share. Google's new browser "Chrome" leaped from a 3.69% share last year to 11.54%. And Apple's Safari owns about 6% of the market
I dumped Internet Explorer about three years ago after contacting a virus that destroyed my computer. A few weeks later I discovered that the virus has been written to specifically attack Internet Explorer. That was it for me!
Now I alternate back and forth between Chrome and Firefox. I like Chrome better...but I still find some programs don't optimize with Chrome.

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Anonymous said...

It's not exactly the first time IE market share has been below 50%. Netscape had something like 90% of the market before Microsoft illegally used their monopoly (tried and convicted) to ram IE down everyone's throat. This is wonderful news that IE is no longer the majority.