Thursday, April 21, 2011

Foreclosure deeds and newsprint

I found myself verifying the scanned images of documents recorded this morning before handing them back to the customers who recorded them. One was a foreclosure deed and for those (of a certain age) responsible for capturing a good-quality image, seeing a foreclosure deed brings to mind the old sci-fi TV show "Lost in Space." Do you remember the show? Remember how the robot used to repeatedly blurt out "Danger, Will Robinson, danger." That's how I feel when we see a foreclosure deed being recorded, all because of the apparent necessity to include the newspaper clipping of the Mortgagee's Notice of Sale to the document. Newsprint is cheap paper that's not very white in appearance. When the page containing the newspaper clipping gets scanned, the sensors on our scanner tend to blend the print and the background into black blobs of variable size. The forces us to change the setting on our scanner, but that creates other problems because while the blobs might be gone, so often are signatures that appear elsewhere on the document. A better solution from our point of view would be for the customer to photocopy the newspaper clipping at a setting that clearly distinguishes text from background and then affixing that photocopy to the document-to-be-recorded instead of the clipping itself. I'm not saying to do that because I think the law might require the clipping. I just don't understand why that is so. There may have been a valid reason in an age before scanning, but the hindrance in capturing a good image now would seem to outweigh any reason that may have existed back then.

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