Friday, April 29, 2011

Law Day

May 1st is "Law Day" in the United States. Started during the Eisenhower Administration to counteract the Soviet display of military power on "May Day" (also May 1st), Law Day celebrates the rule of law in America. Today was the eighth consecutive year that the Greater Lowell Bar Association and the Middlesex Juvenile court sponsored the event here in Lowell.

The event began with a procession up Gorham Street from the Juvenile Court to the Superior Court (the courtroom of which is large enough to hold all involved in the ceremony). The Lowell High Air Force Junior ROTC Honor Guard then posted the colors while the National Anthem was sung by the Lowell High Chorus. Students from Middlesex Charter School (shown above) then led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The event was emceed by Laurie Hogan, the President-elect of the bar association and remarks were made by Judge Patricia Flynn and Judge Jay Blitzman of the Juvenile Court, Judge Randy Kaplan of the Probate Court, by State Senator Eileen Donoghue and by Kevin Broderick, the vice chair of the Lowell City Council. An added bonus was some unscheduled remarks by (as of last night) Superintendent-elect and current Deputy Superintendent of the Lowell Public Schools Jean Franco.

The speeches were followed by an essay contest featuring students from Lowell High, Greater Lowell Technical High, Dracut High and Notre Dame Academy. All were superb in both content and delivery as they expounded on the American legal system as represented by John Adams in his representation of British soldiers in the Boston Massacre trial back in 1770. After the essays, there was some musical entertainment followed by a buffet luncheon.

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