Monday, April 04, 2011

Yes, They Have No iPad 2's

Saturday I took a ride to an Apple Store to get a look at the new iPad 2. I promised myself I was going to buy one as soon as the second generation came out.

When I walked into the Apple Store the iPads were right there, right at the front of the store. One thing I have to admit about Apple, not only are its products functional, they're stylish and beautiful as well. The iPad 2 is no exception. When you see it you want to pick it up and touch it.

The Apple Store was mobbed, but there were at least ten iPads on display, so I grabbed one and gave it a spin. I checked out CNN, the New York Times, the Lowell Sun and more. It lived up to all my is a wonderful product.

As I said before I wanted an iPad 2 and I must admit I had a plan that day, a plan that would ultimately lead the purchase of an Apple tablet.

My wife didn't accompany me into the Apple Store. She went into the dress shop beside it. I hung around and hung around, waiting and just playing with the iPad 2.

Here was my plan... When my wife came out of the dress store she'd come over and ask me what I thought of the iPad 2. I'd tell her I loved it and WE could use it for soooo many things. Good strategy, right? I know her...she'd say "why don't you buy it then"?.
Oh Yeah!

Don't misunderstand me...its not that I can't make my own decision, I was just looking for some positive reinforcement. I'm sure you've been there on a big purchase.

Well unfortunately, phase one of my plan wife remained in the dress store much longer than I expected.
Where the heck is she? I thought looking toward the entrance.

The guy beside me had been firing a barrage of questions at this very knowledgeable Apple big is the iPad 2, how much does it weigh, how long is the battery life, does it have different fonts, is it WiFi compatible etc... Hey, buddy, do some research. Finally he ran out of questions and I knew it would not be long before the salesperson was pressing on me.

Oh boy, I'm going to have to decide to buy or not to buy on my own, I thought.
What do I do?
Panic set in.
My mind raced, Tony, you can do this... if you want it, buy it, no big deal.

Salesman: Hi, nice product isn't it?
Me: (Where is my reinforcement!) I love it.
Salesman: Most people do
Me: (That's it, I'm going to do it...nervously) I like the black, I'll take a black one.
Salesman: Sorry, we don't have any black in stock.
Me: OK, then give me a white one, please.
Salesman: Sorry, but we don't have any white ones in stock either.
Me: What other color does the iPad 2 come in?
Salesman: None.
(relieved) So you mean you don't have any in stock at all. Is that what you are saying?
Salesman: Yes,
Me: So, let me just be certain....yes, I'm in an Apple Store right?
Salesman: Yes,
Me: And yes, you don't have any of the new iPad 2's.
Salesman: Yes...I mean No. I mean yes, we have no iPads.
Me: (with confidence) So, like when do you expect to get them in?
Salesman: Maybe Tuesday. You can call and check...but IF, and that is IF, we get some I would suggest you get here around 4:30 AM so you can get in line before we run out.
Me: (now my confidence is arrogance) Are you want me to come here at 4:30 in the morning hoping I get an iPad 2? Sorry but I'll pass.
Salesman: No problem sir.

I meet my wife outside the Apple Store and she know I thought for sure you were going to buy an iPad 2 today.
Me: Oh, I'd never do that without talking together about it first.

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