Monday, May 09, 2011

Apple Brand Value Soars to Number One

Way back in 1985 Apple officials fired Steve Jobs from the company he found. After his ouster Apple lost its innovative edge as well as profits. In 1996 the faltering company rehired Jobs as its CEO and the rest is history. During the Job II reign Apple totally reinvented itself and regained its place as a technology leader. The turn around is unquestionable one of the greatest in American business history. According to Millard Brown Optmor's annual BrandZ Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world.

OK, your little tease above got my interest. What is the value of the Apple brand?
Me: Tease? Me tease? No way...Anyway, Apple's brand value is $153 billion dollars, making it the number one brand valued tech company on the planet.
Him: Come on, Google must be valued higher than Apple. Google's got Gmail, Google Earth, Street View, Google Doc's and Google Books, not to mention the most popular search engine "on the planet" as you would say.
Me: Nope...Google's brand comes in second to Apple's. Google is valued at $111 billion!
Him: What about Microsoft? I read this blog often. You're always writing about Microsoft, referring to it as the industry's "colossus". Its brand must be more valuable that Apple.
Me: Thank you for reminding me of my past use of exaggeration, but regardless of my hyperbole, the Microsoft brand is not valued as high as Apple. Its value is $78 billion.
Him: Facebook is huge today.
Me: No, not as big...Facebook's brand value is $19.1 billion.
Him: IBM?
Me: Nope, but close...$100,849 billion.
Him: Amazon?
Me: Nope again...$37,277 brand value.
Him: HP! What about Hewlett-Packard?! What about Oracle?! Cisco?! Intel?!
Me: No, no, no and sorry no!
Him: Wow, I guess Steve Jobs did work magic at Apple.
Me: Yeah, I guess you could say he pulled an iRabbit out of his hat.

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