Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Spirit

This morning NASA decided to end communication with its Martian space rover named Spirit. For over a year NASA has tried unsuccessful to communicate with no response from the Martian rover. The news of the break up shocked the space world. But, in my opinion, perhaps rather than just ending it, NASA should have sent Spirit a "Dear John" letter, and so I image...

Dear Spirit,

I have struggled looking for the right words to use and finally realized being blunt is best. Its over between us... I'm through trying. I've done all I can. I'm breaking it off. Its been a long time coming. I'm sure you know there is nothing between us anymore.

I remember when our long distance relationship first began. You took off on June 10, 2003...eight years ago. Many said, with you on Mars and me on Earth, we won't last long together. But you were new, exciting and adventurous. Everyone was amazed we didn't let 36 million miles come between us.

Memories? Sure we have many...I'll never forget those first pictures you sent me...they knocked me for a loop. I looked at them over and over, still do. But the pictures were nothing compared to that special day in February of 2004 when you ground a Martian rock, just for me.

I'll admit it. I was star struck...I'll never forget how thrilled you were when I sent you a software upgrade in 2007.

But its all gone now...It is like we are from different worlds.
In our early days together, we never went an hour, never mind a day, without meaningful communication. But now, I feel as through we've lost touch with each other. In fact I think the last time I heard from you was March of last year...a sure sign something is broken between us.

When you left, don't you think it killed me to think of you being so far away and for such a long time. A wise philosopher once said "distance makes the heart grow fonder (or is it absence?) Its not true with us..

Spirit, you will always be special to me...but the time has come for me to stop punishing myself.

So this is my final "Roger and out".


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