Monday, May 02, 2011

Internet Explorer Continues Decline

For the past two years or so I have used both Chrome and Firefox as my Internet browser. I gave up completely on Internet Explorer after a bad virus crippled my computer. I read that most hackers design programs to attack Internet Explorer, so I figured if I dumped IE the chances of getting another costly computer virus would lessen significantly...and fortunately, it has.

Apparently, I am not the only person to discover that there is a world outside Internet Explorer.

The most recent statistics on Internet browser use shows that IE has dropped to its lowest point in history... capturing only 55.1% of Internet users. At one time this figure hovered around 90%.

Of course, a decrease in IE use means an increase in the use of other Internet browsers.

Here is a list of the world's main browsers and their market share:

Microsoft Firefox 21.6%
Google Chrome 12%
Apple Safari 7.2%
Opera 2.1%

I rarely use Safari and have never used Opera so I hold judgment on these, but Firefox and Chrome are both excellent browsers. They will continue to take more and more market share from Internet Explorer in the coming years.


Anonymous said...

Quote: "IE has dropped to its lowest point in history... capturing only 55.1% of Internet users."

That's not entirely correct. That may be the lowest point since IE's ascendancy, but Netscape was by far the most dominant browser (with something like 90% market share) before Microsoft leveraged their OS monopoly (illegally) to play catch up. IE did exist for some time before that.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft Firefox? I think you mean Mozilla.